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Who we are
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DMCC Board 2017

Top: Maryka Hoover, Tom McGreal, Mary Ann Emerson, Don Mosier, Jeff Barnouw, Mark Kalina, Judy Schuckit, Gordon Clanton.  Bottom:  Sheryl Parks (City Liaison), Susan Halenza, Felise Levine, Nancy Weare, Phyllis Mirsky, Terry Kopanski


DMCC Executive Committee 2017

Standing: Don Mosier, Felise Levine, Tom McGreal, Judy Schuckit
Sitting: Rosanne Holliday, Phyllis Mirsky


There's No Place Like Home!

Nestled along the rugged coastline of north San Diego County, the quaint coastal village of Del Mar is home to Del Mar Community Connections, a volunteer-driven organization providing programs and services that allow our maturing residents to live safely, vibrantly and independently in the homes they love – this is known as the Village movement.

Offering numerous social, cultural, health and education activities, DMCC also provides alternative transportation options, in-home care management consultations with a licensed social worker, legal and Medicare counseling clinics, computer tutoring, brain fitness program and weekly health education group discussions with a practicing geriatric physician. If you’re a reader or a knitter, yoga novice or tai chi master, since 1999, DMCC has been delivering a wide range of services our residents desire to enhance their lives.

Do you know of a need we’re not yet providing? Are you interested in becoming part of a growing movement where communities around the globe are creating similar Village models? If so, we invite you to become involved in DMCC!


How We Came Together:  Founder’s Message
by Nancy Weare

The impetus for creating Del Mar Community Connections evolved from my great appreciation of the nurturing assistance given by the Senior Center in my parents’ town during the period of my father’s death. A counselor was dispatched to the hospital from the Senior Center because someone from the town was terminally ill. Even though we didn’t ask for the help, it made this deeply sad event much more meaningful and uplifting for all of us.

Upon telling my friends in Del Mar of this experience, they spoke about their own or neighbors’ needs, the difficulty of finding support and information in stressful situations, and the absence of local mechanisms to help.

I called a long-time Del Mar activist, Ann Silber, and shared my desire to form an organization dedicated to bringing support services and information to Del Mar's seniors and specific needs population. Since our City was too small to afford municipal Social Services, there already existed an informal network of many caring, active people in Del Mar who regularly and quietly reached out to help others.

Del Mar Community Connections was born in Ann’s living room where we had our first community discussions in September 1999. Everyone without hesitation said let’s get going. With the help of these energetic neighborhood volunteers, a 501 (c)(3) organization was developed with a Founding Board of Directors, all willing to roll up their sleeves and build programs making aging in place in Del Mar more possible for seniors and those with specific needs.

What is Del Mar Community Connections? from Del Mar TV on Vimeo.

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Jo Morgenthal: Program Director

Joanne was born and raised in Greenwich Village, Manhattan, New York.  Earning her B.S. from Binghamton University, Joanne became part of the residential camping industry.  First as a program director, then an assistant director and eventually a director.   It is here that she honed her passion for leadership and staff development.

Most recently Joanne was part of the executive team at The JCC MetroWest, West Orange N.J. that serviced all levels of development from early childhood through senior adulthood. She is excited to bring all she has learned with her to work at the Del Mar Community Connections.

Her love for the New York Yankees is only second to her passion for animals.

Joanne instantly fell in love with San Diego when a job opportunity brought her out in 2006. It took one more trip back east but now, Joanne, Suzy her dog and Phoebe her cat are excited to once again call San Diego home.

Ashley Simpkins : Office Administrator

Ashley lived in 5 states before she was 10 years old, but her family eventually settled in Syracuse, NY, where she graduated from high school. After earning her BA in Psychology from Binghamton University in 2004, Ashley worked for Enterprise Rent-a-Car as a Management Trainee for a time, then went to work in pharmaceutical sales for Johnson & Johnson for seven years. 

When Ashley decided she didn’t want to live anywhere that experienced true winter, she moved to the San Diego area, which offered the additional benefit of being the adopted home of her older sister Becca. Settling in her beloved Oceanside, Ashley threw herself into charity work. Most notably, she served as the President of the Board of Directors of the Friends of the Oceanside Public Library. 

Ashley and her adorable rescue mutt Mojo love to walk the hills in her neighborhood, or alternatively, cuddle up and read a book. She loves to travel, and studied in Spain when she was a college student. 

The DMCC Board of Directors

Don Mosier
Terry Kopanski
Felise Levine
Past President
Judith Schuckit
Phyllis Mirsky
Rosanne Holliday
Development Officer
Gordon Clanton
Shuttle Driver
Tom McGreal
Maryka Hoover Jeff Barnouw
Joanne Sharp Mark Kalina Susan Halenza Nicole Holliday Pat JaCoby



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