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Program Library

DMCC hosts informational programs on varied topics of interest to the senior community. This page houses videos of those programs, downloadable resources provided by the expert speakers, slideshows presented, and photos from some of DMCC’s community gatherings.

DISCLAIMER: DMCC offers a wide range of programs and speakers for the primary purpose of providing education and information to the community. The views and opinions expressed during these programs are those of the speaker and do not represent those of DMCC. DMCC is not responsible for any content and does not verify or endorse any information. These programs are not intended and are not to be construed in any manner as medical or legal services or advice.

Ongoing Program Series

Special One Time Programs

Archived Program Series

Archived Photo Library

Ongoing Program Series

Remarkable Del Mar History

Del Mar Historical Society President Larry Brooks does a deep dive on aspects of Del Mar’s unique history, sorting out the fiction from the fact.

Page Turners

In partnership with the Del Mar Branch of the San Diego County Library, DMCC hosts a club in which authors discuss their books and writing processes with us.

Qigong with Ali

Instructor Ali Jayne offers practices to help strengthen your body, relieve stiffness, and release stagnation – accessible to all levels of fitness.

Archived Program Series

Health and Wellness Premiere Speaker Series

DMCC welcomes top health and wellness experts to discuss the latest research and most interesting discoveries in senior health.

Sweet Hour with Carly

Longtime DMCC volunteer Carly Michaels delivers a class from her home kitchen on making sumptuous desserts.

Special One-Time Programs

How to Care for Yourself While Caring for Someone Else with Connie Baher - March 2024

A special presentation with award-winning speaker, author and family caregiver, Connie Baher, author of the highly praised Family Caregivers: An Emotional Survival Guide. For anyone who is, or may be, a family caregiver, DMCC is excited to present a frank discussion of the challenges and rewards of caregiving. A program of real-life storytelling and practical tips on making it through the toughest, and possibly most meaningful, job you’ll ever have. You’ll come away re-fueled and inspired.

Resources for Family Caregivers

Powerpoint for Family Caregivers

Annual Tax Laws Update with Wayne Otchis - February 2024

What's new? Back by popular demand, Del Mar CPA Wayne Otchis, who specializes in tax preparation and retirement planning, shares with us what new tax laws we'll need to know about in 2024 and what to watch for as we prepare our 2023 taxes.

The Resolution to Rightsize with Jami Shapiro from Silver Linings Transitions -

January 2024

In this educational and entertaining talk, Senior Move Management professional Jami Shapiro will discuss how you can tackle your to do's and tame your clutter to make 2024 a better year for your physical and mental health. Learn about the toll clutter takes on our health and strategies you can use whether your goal is to organize or de-clutter. Learn strategies for discarding items you are no longer using, including how to get your family to say "yes," and learn about San Diego's resale market.

Click here for the Rightsizing Guide from Silver Linings Transitions

Click here for DMCC's Decluttering Guide for Seniors

Medicare Options with Elder Law and Advocacy - November 2023

Sophie Exdell from Elder Law & Advocacy's HICAP program discusses options for Scripps Clinic and Scripps Coastal patients, including Original Medicare coverage and costs, Medigap and Part D plans, Medigap Guaranteed Issue rights for beneficiaries with preexisting health conditions, and Medicare Advantage HMO and PPO options.

Advancing the Science at Any Given Moment: The Latest in Alzheimer's and Dementia Research with the Alzheimer's Association - April 2023

Alzheimer’s is a global health problem with more than 6 million people living with the disease in the US alone. Tremendous gains have been made in the understanding of the science and basic biology underlying Alzheimer’s and other dementias. These advances are leading to great strides in strategies for prevention, detection, diagnostics, and therapeutic interventions. The Alzheimer’s Association is a global leader in research, mobilizing the field to advance the vision of a world without Alzheimer’s and all other dementia. Join DMCC, the Alzheimer's Association, and Community Engagement Manager Lena Huang in this remote presentation to learn more about the Landscape of Alzheimer’s and Dementia Science, Risk Factors for Alzheimer’s and all other dementia, Highlights in Early Detection and Diagnosis, and the Latest advances in clinical trials, treatments, and lifestyle interventions.

2023 Tax Update with Wayne Otchis - February 2023

DMCC Treasurer Wayne Otchis, retired Tax Accountant CPA, updates us on changes to the tax laws that affect Del Mar seniors as they prepare their 2022 taxes and plan their 2023 finances.

Understanding AI: Science Fiction vs. Near-Future Fact with Sudeepto Roy - January 2023

Sudeepto Roy delves deeper into the boons and perils of AI, helps with the existential and philosophical questions, and experiments with ChatGPT. January 2023.

Understanding AI: Boons and Perils with Sudeepto Roy - August 2022

The mention and use of Artificial Intelligence, or A.I., is everywhere. It is in use in almost every sphere of digital activities, some that are visible or understandable and many that are not. Del Martian Sudeepto Roy, VP of Engineering at Qualcomm, helps us understand how AI works, its myriad benefits, and its perils. 

Green Waste 101 with EDCO - July 2022

Dawn Cox, Outreach Coordinator for EDCO, tells us why we must dispose of green waste properly, where it goes and what it's used for, and shares some tips to make it easy and hygienic.

Personal Cybersecurity 101 with Klaus Gubernator - June 2022

Join Tech Coach Klaus Gubernator for a presentation to discuss current best practices for keeping ourselves safe even as we live more of our lives on the Internet.

Crime Prevention Resources with the North County Coastal Sheriff's Department - March 2022

George Hernandez from the North Coastal Station discusses home safety tips, scams to look out for, and resources that the Sheriff's department provides.

Other Resources from the North County Coastal Sheriff's Department

You Are Not Alone brochure

Don't Get Hooked! scam prevention booklet

Home Security Assessment checklist

Home Security Quick Tips

Take Me Home Brochure

Between Heaven and Earth: Ilan Lael and James Hubbell - March, 2022

Ilan-Lael is an architectural treasure and the storied home of James Hubbell, the artist responsible for many of our region's most prominent public art and architecture, including "A River of Time," the iron sculpture in front of the Del Mar Branch library. In this remote presentation you’ll take a virtual tour of this unusual and beautiful place with Ilan-Lael Executive Director Marianne Gerdes and hear how James and his wife Anne met, married, and built a home in the mountains with their own hands. It’s a love story, a family story, and a showcase of art and architecture from one of San Diego’s most beloved artists.

What's New in 2022: Tax Update with Wayne Otchis - January, 2022

Del Mar CPA and career tax preparer Wayne Otchis details what local seniors need to keep in mind as they do their 2021 taxes.

Covid-19 Q&A with Don Mosier MD, PHD - January, 2022

When and why should I get the Covid-19 vaccine booster shot? Is it safe to visit my friends and family? What's the deal with the new Covid treatments? Get answers to your most pressing pandemic questions straight from one of the top infectious disease experts who lives right here in Del Mar at DMCC's COVID Q&A.

Older Videos

Who We Are and What We Do/ Understanding Dementia-Related Behaviors with the Alzheimer's Association - October, 2021

This program shares a brief overview of the organization's services and resources. It also provides information about how to decode behavioral messages and provide strategies to help manage some of the most common behavioral challenges of Alzheimer's disease.

How to Protect and Access Your Electronic Medical Records with Lisa Berry Blackstock - June, 2021

Lisa Berry Blackstock, professional patient advocate and founder of Soul Sherpa, gives an overview of advocating for one's own healthcare in the age of healthcare hacking.

Effective Communication Strategies with the Alzheimers Association - 

June, 2021

Alzheimer's Association Volunteer Educator Julia Cheng shares best practices for communicating with loved ones in varying stages of Alzheimer's or dementia.

The Sandwich Generation with Valeria Ochoa from Southern Caregiver Resource Center - May, 2021

Learn how to make inter-generational relationships successful. Explore ways to support adult children and elderly parents, while taking care of yourself. Learn ways to respond to being “caught in the middle” - and much more!

Do You Own Your Stuff or Does Your Stuff Own You? With Jami Shapiro - 

April, 2021

Jami Shapiro, Founder of Silver Linings Transitions, talks about the reasons we hold onto so much stuff and provides us with practical tips for decluttering and organizing.

Estate Planning 101 with Heidi Klippel - March, 2021

Attorney Heidi Klippel takes a straightforward approach to tell us what we need to consider as we develop a strong estate plan.

Understanding Alzheimers and Dementia with the Alzheimers Association - 

February, 2021

Allison Gutteridge, community educator, joins us once again. This time she discusses the impact of Alzheimer's, the difference between Alzheimer's and dementia, stages and risk factors, current research and treatments available for some symptoms, and Alzheimer's Association resources.

What's New with 2021, Tax Update - January, 2021

Wayne Otchis gives us a tour of what Del Mar seniors need to keep in mind as they prepare their 2020 taxes, and what new tax laws may affect their finances in 2021

The Economy and You with Miro Copic - January, 2021

Adjunct professor of marketing at SDSU and KPBS host of the Friday Business Report Miro Copic discusses the economy, trends to look for, and what older adults living in Del Mar can do to prepare for their economic futures.

Myths and Realities of Long Term Care with Linda Jahnke - December, 2020

Join Linda Jahnke, Board Certified Patient Advocate as she gives an educational overview of the current state of the long term care insurance market, as well as the importance of advocacy while navigating the insurance claims process.

Fall Prevention with Dr. Kim Bell, DPT - November, 2020

Dr. Kim Bell, DPT presents four clear action steps that you can take to reduce your risk of falling. During this educational presentation, Dr. Bell addresses common myths about falls in older adults and provides many helpful tips for you and your loved ones to reduce your risk of falls.

Adaptable Tech and Services for Seniors with Low Vision - October, 2020

Join DMCC and the Braille Institute to get an introduction to services available to you and an orientation to free accessible workshops and training on smartphones, tablets, computers, Amazon Alexa and more.

The 10 Warning Signs of Alzheimers - October, 2020

Allison Gutteridge, Community Educator with the Alzheimers Association, shows us the difference between symptoms of dementia and normal aging, and tells us how to open up the conversation about Alzheimer's. Click the button below to view the video.

San Dieguito River Park - September, 2020

Join DMCC and the San Dieguito River Park for a presentation on the entire known history of the San Dieguito River Valley region. From Sabertooth cats to gold, wars, and nuclear power plants, there is something for everyone. Click the button below to view the video.

Dangers Seniors Face with Jaime Levine - September, 2020

Jaime Levine, Director of Legal Services at Elder Law & Advocacy, shares important legal information to keep seniors out of harm's way. Click the button below to view the video.

Learning to Live with Uncertainty: The New Normal - July, 2020

Marriage and family therapists Katie Militello and Emily Gilmore provide advice and tools for coping through this time of uncertainty. Click the button below to view the video.

Helpful Herbs with Mary Friestedt - June, 2020

Master Gardener Mary Friestedt shares with us the secrets of herbs you can grow in your own garden, and how to use them in your kitchen or medicine cabinet. Click the button below to view the video.

Lessons from Previous Pandemics - July, 2020

What about the Spanish Flu? What can we can learn and what can we safely ignore from last century's worst pandemic? UCSD historian Claire Edington answers these questions and more. Click the button below to view the video. 

You've been Scammed: Learn How to Protect Yourself - May, 2020

Glennis Gould, Crime Prevention Specialist from the San Diego County Sheriff's Department, tells us about the most common scams and how to avoid them. Click the button below to view the video.

Meet Libby with Polly, May, 2020

San Diego County Library, Del Mar branch manager Polly Cipparrone shows us to how to check out e-books, audiobooks, and e-magazines. Click the button below to view the video. 

Pandemic Response Q&A, April, 2020

Click the button below to view our 4/7/20 Q&A (over Zoom) with Mayor Ellie Haviland about Del Mar's pandemic response efforts. 

Sunday Salon: The Art Collection of Bram & Sandra Dijkstra - October, 2019

The Dijkstras welcomed Del Mar neighbors into their home to view their personal art collection and hear first-hand stories about how special it is. View the video click the button below. 

The Dijkstras also lent their collection to the Timken Museum for an exhibit called Captivating Women. You can view a tour of it here.

Sunday Salon: Nate McCay and the Ship of Gold - Fall, 2018

As part of DMCC's Sunday Salon series, Nate McCay tells us about his longtime interest in coin collecting and the Ship of Gold. To View the video click the button below. 

Estate Planning Workshop - January 2017

Click here to download Heidi Klippel's Estate Plan overview handout. 

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